Re-evaluate… Recharge… Relax

There is so much expectation to “succeed”, to “be somebody”, to “impress”. We learn a lot of this from others and our surrounding environments from a young age: TV, film, social media, magazines, at school, from our families and friends. There are constant reminders everywhere that we should improve, be better than the next person, be “original”.

Unfortunately, we internalise this message and start to develop core beliefs that we are not good enough – this is not true! We push, push, push and force ourselves to achieve; achieve more; achieve more and faster until eventually our bodies shut down, refuse to perpetuate the cycle of madness and begin to demand a low-level of functioning (one we are often not used to). It can be a very confusing, frustrating and an unnerving experience trying to come to terms with a new pace of life and a new understanding of self, as you acknowledge the feelings and thoughts that often get suppressed or thrown on the back-burner; the same ones society discourage and disapprove of. It’s usually not very easy to embrace all aspects of ourselves  – that includes both the good and the bad – but it’s a process worth investing in and a journey worth taking.


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