The Ignorance of Marc Jacobs

Dear Marc Jacobs and fellow ignoramus beings,

You say:  

“I don’t see race”  – IGNORANT!

“…funny how you don’t criticise women of colour for straightening their hair…” – IGNORANT!

 “I don’t see colour” – IGNORANT!

The issue is that hair is so politically charged – especially black hair and black hairstyles. For those of you who may think “How is it?”let me explain. When a young black girl or boy grows up – particularly in a majority Caucasian environment and a Eurocentric society – there is a legit identity crisis. These individuals often feel cast from “majority” or even marginalised. They are either told and or learn from magazines, TV ads and in some unfortunate cases through outrageous policies – constructed by ignorant schools, prohibiting certain hair practises -that their hair is wrong and not approved of in society.

I specifically use the phrase ‘hair practise’ because having afro hair braided or dreaded is not a fad or just a style, it is a cultural practise used to protect hair from knotting, breakage and to help maintain healthy nourished hair (especially in cooler regions of the earth, as afro hair is not naturally designed to withstand the harsher dryer conditions in temperate zones). In many cases black afro hair practises are very closely linked to some religious practises and beliefs, such as Rastafarianism.

So these are more than just cool hairstyle’s to be flaunted about insensitively.

As long as we live in a world that continues to discriminate and prejudice black hair and it’s practises, which I can assure you is still prolific worldwide, it is very hard to accept black hair practises being used and associated with cool fads or styles, (especially in the most recent case of Marc Jacob’s psychedelic dreads) when there is no sociopolitical or cultural historical reference made to its origins or the effort to use creative practices to negate the stigma usually associated in everyday life on the streets, away from the glitz and the glamour and acceptance on the catwalk….

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