Passing thought clouds on economic materialism …

I have shoes on my feet,

A strong roof above my head,

And a nice big cosy bed.

Sometimes I am disheartened, disparaged and embarrassed of my western predilections. I honestly think that the more I have, I own, the worse I become and feel.

My anxieties and depression, are they exacerbated or predicated by the lifestyle I was born into? That being C21st Britain. Probably the answer to that is a bit of both I imagine.

Maybe a lot of people feel as if they too have been born in the wrong era or in the wrong place, I don’t know, maybe every living being does – or not – I don’t know as I am not a scientist, researcher or anthropologist.

Although I am critical of this lifestyle I was born into, I find it very hard to run away or abandon it completely. It is a constituent of the making of who I have become, that is an undeniable fact.

As I sit here in the stillness and semi darkness of my bedroom close to midnight, I am observing all personal possessions I have accumulated as well as acknowledging the many things I have disposed of in the past. A staggering and embarrassing quantity of objects. But what is most astounding, shocking is the fact that I am not the only one, a lot of us are just the same and there will always be others plagued by this insanity to a greater extent. At the same time it is an uneasy comfort, to know I am not the only one.

My question is why?

Why do we do it – what is the psychology behind it, if any?

Go against the grain. The aphorism used to express  going against the norm and conformity.

The tortoise and the hare; slow and steady wins the race.

I hear them all, I believe in these ideologies. I want them so bad. I want to own these states of being fully, wholly, completely unadulterated in its essence. But one has to work extremely hard nowadays to attain such virtues as stillness, calmness and peace; because everything has sped up, everything is calamity, irrational yet novel histrionics and at it’s worst, Armageddon. I am not intending to sound hyperbolic, it’s just I imagine for an outsider looking in on us, it probably seems this way.

One really has to push the boat out there. Easier said than done. But that’s life I guess.

People say less is more, but what people say and do are two very different things. People want to celebrate ownership everything they’ve got, not what little they could have.


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